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Mac06 and Mac06-IDE
The POSIX compatible OS for MacOS

Do you want to

  1. learn UNIX to prepare yourself for MacOS X?
  2. have a very simple installation for a UNIX like system?
  3. switch between MacOS (Finder) and a UNIX like system without rebooting?
  4. run legacy software written for UNIX (C/C++ based on POSIX libraries) on a Mac?
  5. have a low-end Mac (68k or PPC Performa) and want a simple solution to run UNIX?
  6. have a Performa 5200 or 5300 on which neither MkLinux nor Linux68k will run?
  7. do software development for embedded controllers (680x0, PowerPC, Z80, ARM, ...) on a Mac with familiar UNIX tools and POSIX libraries?
Then, Mac06 ("Mac oh six"), the POSIX library and system kernel running on top of MacOS can be a solution for you.

Features of Mac06

System requirements

Installation and Manual

First of all, look at the beginner's installation and operation manual (PDF/Acrobat Reader format - 40 pages): The full manual can be dowonloaded as a self extracting archive (documentation.pdf.hqx - 200k).
For installation,

Download Area

Shareware Fee
Basic 1.0
Basic 1.0 -> 1.0.1 updater
Advanced 1.0
recommended for using additional functions
Advanced 1.0 -> 1.0.1 updater
Development 1.0
recommended for making applications (not working completely)
Development 1.0 -> 1.0.1 updater
Communication 1.0
recommended for FTP, Telnet etc.
if Mac06-Installer is not part of the package you want to install

If you have problems downloading with messages like "unexpected end of file" or "corrupt archive", please try to download again. The reason seems to be a bug in the HTTP server that sometimes (heavy load situations?) sends incomplete files without notice.
The archives are created by Compact Pro. The reason is that StuffIt 4.x and 5.x are not compatible and some older Macs can't run StuffIt 5.x and newer ones can't run version 4.x. But all versions of StuffIt can decode Compact Pro archives.

Other useful stuff for Mac06

Package Latest
Useful for
Mac06-Installer (48k) 13 May 00 if Mac06-Installer is not part of the package you want to install
Earlier versions of Mac06:
0.99 learning how Mac06 evolved
Third Party Applications   software ported to Mac06
SoftwareFPU   to run 68881 software on a Mac (680x0, PowerPC) without 68881
Altivec Emulator   to emulate the new PowerPC G4 Altivec vector instructions
MI/X (X-Server) 21 Oct 98 to use the Mac as a X Window display
MacsBug 6.5.4a6 including dcmds for AltiVec
AppWatcher Lite   to view MacOS processes
Stuffit Expander   to uncompress packages

Shareware Fee

How to pay your shareware of Mac06 is described in the documentation - it is easily done through kagi. Some of the third party packages mentioned in the Download area are also Shareware. Please refer to the specific publications.

Frequently asked questions

Thank you very much for supporting Mac06.
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