Did you ever Then, CocoaBasic seems to be the right decision.

CocoaBasic is an Interactive software Development Environment for using the Cocoa Framework in an object oriented Basic Dialect.

To learn about Cocoa we recomment: "Learning Cocoa, O'Reilly, 2100, ISBN 0-596-00160-6". The Basic Dialect resembles REALbasic but is not source code compatible: "REALbasic, O'Reilly, 2100, ISBN 0-596-00160-6".

The initial alpha releases already show most main principles but are freeware. The final releases of CocoaBasic will be shareware but still provide some limited (demo) functionality for free.

Features of CocoaBasic

#) not yet available in this release

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Wishlist for more Features

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This release is an experiment (or demo) to show core functionality. The software can not be used for any reasonable task yet. It is distributed according to the basic policy of DSITRI to let potential users participate in and form the development process by commenting early stages. Therefore this release is Freeware but the right is reserved to changes this for later releases.

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